The dream and the hope in the future to children in the world. Please join us and give a helping hand to children worldwide.
  • Foundation for Global Children 3vision
  • To provide a solid education and medical care...
  • To be a ‘do-tank’  rather than a ‘think-tank’
  • To carry out our duties patiently,steadily and enduringly

About the foundation

This Foundation shall explore problems in child education and care, both in Japan and overseas, create a vision of an ideal future, provide solutions to the problems and work to nurture and assist the development and wellbeing of children, in order to develop in children the ideal of living and working together in harmony and to support the development and wellbeing of children, both in Japan and overseas.


  Reconstruction of  Bhutanese Old Temple “Wangdi Phodrang Dzong”  
  activities report  
  article on the founder of FGC  

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