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  • Supporting Agrasara Complex (Including Agrasara Orphanage)
  • Planned and coordinated the construction of garment factory for vocational training and social independence

Surrounding environment of children are changing in daily basis.
Activities that are not on the list above also done case by case.
For more detailed information, please check out the following "Activity Report".

bangladesh DATA

Surface Area:144,000 square kilometer
Population:152 million 500 thousand people
(Bangladeshi census March 2013)
Language:Bengali(Official), English

Japanese in Bangladesh:853 people(Oct.1, 2013)
Bangladeshi in Japan:8,670 people(registered in embassy, July 2013)

* Data from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

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  • Children in Agrasara Orphanage

  • Cafeteria in Orphanage

  • View of Bangladesh

There is an orphanage in East Gzura Village in Bangladesh. Two bowls of dal is the daily meal at the orphanage.
Orphans increase every day and difficult to have a clear grasp of the number of orphans.
Even though they are in environment that they don't know whether they can smile together tomorrow and eat meal or not, yet their dreams are not different from other children in the world.
"I want to become a doctor"
"I want to be a teacher"
In any circumstances, children hold their dreams every day.
However in reality, there is no opportunities to have a proper education while children are in orphanage. Therefore, they suffer from finding jobs.
Moreover, living every day are not ordinary condition in Bangladesh.