1983~2009 Before Establishment of FGC, Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa`s History of Social Contribution

1983 Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa, founder of SEISA Group, started international education support.
Educational study group visited New Caledonia. (Mr. Miyazawa as a group leader)
1984 Education study group visited Marianas Islands Education Division in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana. (a group leader)
Junior-high and high school education investigative group visited 15 states in the United States of America. (a group leader)
1989 Head of technical guidance team to Laos National Broadcasting Department.
The first Marianas High School Home Stay Program, cultural and sport exchange program between Marianas High School (MHS) in Saipan, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana and SEISA High School in Japan, has started. (annual program, still ongoing)
1990 Sent technical guidance team to Bangladesh National Broadcasting Department. (team leader)
1993 Visited Ethiopia as an advisor for establishment of the Ethiopian Radio Technology Association.
Head of Teaching Expedition to Eritrea Technical School.
Received certificate of appreciation from the Laos government.
1994 Entered into sister school partnership between MHS and SEISA Gakuen School.
1995 Started providing annual educational scholarship to Bhutanese students studying abroad. (still ongoing)
Donated audio visual equipment to the audio and visually impaired in Bhutan.
1996 Received official invitation from Laos Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, and provided financial aids to social welfare facilities in Laos.
Established Bert Thompson Scholarship, Saipan Financial Assistance Grant
Received invitation from Yemen Ministry of Telecommunications, Aden for providing guidance in medical and telecommunication fields.
1997 Received invitation from Laos Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism to set-up and offer training in remote medical assistance and amateur radio transmission.
2000 Implemented teacher exchange program between MHS and SEISA Gakuen School.
2001 Provided financial aids and donated telecommunications equipment to the Kingdom of Bhutan Youth Scientific Development Fund.
2002 Scientific Development Donation to Alaska University International Space Research Centre (The annual grant is still ongoing)
2005 Provided assistance to Bhutan at the EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan.
2007 Gave the “Star Raft Awards” at 18th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities in Taiwan.
2009 Gave the “Star Raft Awards” at 19th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities in Singapore.

July 17, 2010 Foundation for Global Children was founded in Japan

The FGC was founded to inherit the works of Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa, especially to provide educational and medical assistance to children who are in poor educational and medical environment in the world.
Dr. Ryosuke Tsuchiya was appointed as the first chairperson of FGC by Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa.

2010 Dec Sent inspecting team to Bangladesh. Sewing Factory Project started: Cooperating with Yabe Pro Cutting Co., Ltd to support the self-sustaining operation of the Agrasara Orphanage, which the factory was supporting.
2011 Mar Started supplying aids to Koriyama, Fukushima, Sendai and Miyagi in Japan.
Apr Built an operating base in Soma City, Fukushima. Educational Environment Support Team (EEST) and Medical Support Team (MST) were established. EEST has provided counseling and mental care to children, students, teachers, parents and guardians. MST performs medical examination, health consultation, and information sessions on radiation ray. (ongoing)
Jun NPO Soma Follower Team, founded by Soma City, Fukushima, dispatched counselors to the earthquake sites.

With help from Lohas Media Co., Ltd, “Lohas Medical” special volume “Soso Medical (“Fear Radioactive Material and Ray with Correct Knowledge”)” was published and distributed for free.

2012 Feb Supporting Short Exchange Program between Royal Thimphu College (RTC) and SEISA University. First exchange students from Bhutan visited Japan. This program is implemented annually. (ongoing)

Planned and supported running a charity concert for the Great East Earthquake by the Brussel String Quartet, at Suntory Hall Blue Rose.

Apr “Soso Medical Magazine (“Desire to Reduce Internal Exposure”)” was published and distributed for free.
Jul Supported planning and running the entry of first two Bhutanese scholarship students to the SEISA High School under the Ashi Kesang - Miyazawa Seisa Scholarship Program. (First program ended in March, 2014)

Inspectorate visited Myanmar. Donated 10,000 soaps to the Ministry of Health. Support for“School Health Program,” a program to improve health and hygiene environment started.

Oct Provided financial aid to Bhutan for the reconstruction of the historic Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, which was destroyed by fire in June, 2012.
Nov Medical inspectorate visited Bhutan
Dec Inspectorate visited Cambodia. Provided financial aids for the construction of Phnom Penh vocational training center.
2013 May Provided 50 computers to the Ministry of Science and Technology, financial aids for School Health Program, and 10 cataract surgery equipment to the Ministry of Health in Myanmar.
Aug Aiding cataract operations by Japanese doctor Masashi Hattori in Yangon ENT Hospital in Myanmar.
Oct Planned and supported running the second charity concert for the Great East Japan Earthquake by Brussel String Quartet at Yamaha Hall Ginza.
Nov Announced the donation of 2 ambulances and telecommunication devices to the Myanmar government. An agreement on short term study program of Myanmar high school students to Japan was signed with the Ministry of Science and Technology. Donated telecommunication equipment to Ministry of Communication and Data Technology of Myanmar.
2014 Jan The first short term study program of Myanmar Technical High School to Japan took place. 5 students and 1 teacher visited Japan.
Mar Inspectorate visited orphanages in Naypyidaw city, Myanmar. Provided financial aids.
Apr Dr. Kenji Eguchi was appointed as the second chairperson of FGC.
Jun Donated 2 ambulance to the Ministry of Health in Myanmar.
Sep Agreed with the Eritrean National Olympic Committee to assist Eritrea with their participation in the Olympics and Paralympic Games 2020, especially Paralympics.
2015 May 13 FGC was founded for 5 years and it was reborn as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation aiming for further development with Mr. Kenji Eguchi as the chairperson.
Nov SEISA Africa Asia Bridge (SAAB). It is held every year and still continues.
2016 Apr Emergency supports were made available during the Kumamoto earthquake.
May Agreement with the Bhutan Olympic Committee to assist Bhutan in participating in Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020, especially in Paralympics.
Jul Mr. Ryuichi Shimizu was appointed as the third chairperson.
Oct A medical doctor from Bangladesh, Dr. Smana Barua, Professor at SEISA University gave a special lecture titled “One out of 730,000,000—Things I could do” throughout the country (still continues).
Nov Agreement with the Myanmar Olympic Committee to assist Myanmar in participating in Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020.
2017 Jan Accepted 2 high school students from Eritrea as long-term international exchange student-athletes.
Apr Bhutan Signed Agreement for TOKYO 2020 Pre-Games Training Camps
May Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa Vice Chairperson (current Chairperson) visited Eritrea for Independence Week. The SEISA Group's traditional Japanese Drum Team "Dako-on" was also invited. They showcased their performance for the Eritreans. Accepted a college student from Eritrea for long-term international exchange student program.
Jul Sent a track and field coach of SEISA Athletic Club to Bhutan. Offered training program to the middle and long-distance athletes. Supported Myanmar National Judo Team with participation in the intensive training camp at SEISA Dohto University in Hokkaido, Japan.
Aug Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa is appointed to the fourth Chairperson.
2018 Jan Accepted 3 high school students from Bhutan as long-term international exchange student-athletes.
Apr Finalized and Signed a Pre-games Training Camp Agreement with Myanmar Olympic Committee.
Jul Emergency support-activities were made available during the heavy rain disaster in West Japan.
Aug Emergency support-activities were made available during the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake.
Nov Contributed donation and supplies to the people in the Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan who were devastated due to the typhoon.