In daily life, we are unintentionally using 100 or 1000 yen. Would you entrust these money for children’s future?

In Japan, what would you use 50 yen for?
300 yen, you can buy 1 riceball and 1 bottle of drink.
1000yen, you eat lunch.

In Myanmar, you can buy 2 soaps by 50 yen.
300 yen can be used for malaria treatment on children.
1000 yen can be used to treat malaria for mother.

With the same amount of money, changing the usage can help survival of life.

To build future for children, please join us.
We appreciate your donation from any amount of money. In addition, you can choose place to donate.
① Bhutan ② Eritrea 
③ Myanmar ④ Japan 
⑤ Bangladesh ⑥ Cambodia 
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