About FGC

To Establish the Foundation for Global Children

July 17, 2010
Yasuo Miyazawa
Founder of the FGC
Founder/CEO, SEISA Group

In our daily lives we hear many news about the youth in the world. News such as infant and maternal mortality, children suffering from disputes led by selfish adults etc.

Children put their best effort in surviving these unfortunate circumstances.

Due to lack of good medical and educational facilities, children in some countries do not get an opportunity to live a good life.

I strongly feel the need for an organization that would help minimize these problems and empower these children. Children are the future of our world.

We all share a responsibility towards building a good life for children who are our future.

Helping them doesn’t necessarily require a big movement. We can start small and then go from there.

So don't let children wait for the future. Please join us in the activities to create that future for children together.

FGC's Mission

Our mission is to support children and young generation worldwide who seek for a better future by overcoming various challenges, by providing healthy grounds for growth to become a member of the ideal society where people live in harmony

Activities: Our Foundation undertake the followings to accomplish the above mission
  • Support children and youth affected by disasters
  • Support children and youth in improving their educational, hygiene, and medical environment
  • Support children and youth in promoting their international understanding and sound development
  • Support children and youth in achieving their social independence
  • Undertake necessary activities for the accomplishment of the above mentioned goals
  • All of the above shall be done in Japan and overseas
3 Visions
To establish a framework of solid education and health care, enable children to become responsible members of society and contribute to their country
We will work to provide a solid education (including sports and arts programs) and health care to children worldwide. We also plan to build a framework that will provide proper education as well as work opportunities. This will help to shape their countries’ future. In the long-run, we would also like to help each country in developing their necessary social infrastructure.
To be a 'Do-Tank' rather a 'Think-Tank'
To achieve our objectives more concretely and effectively, the function of the foundation will be more action-oriented. We shall put our words to practice as we stand proud as an institution of ‘doers’.
To carry out our duties patiently, steadily and enduringly
As the hopes of establishing this foundation are to pass the torch to our successors, to keep it burning and to keep working for the well being and betterment of children, we expect this foundation to function far into the future. We will keep a long-term perspective, but at the same time fulfill our duties one by one, to ensure an enduring legacy.