About FGC

In Establishing the Foundation for Global Children

July 17, 2010
Yasuo Miyazawa
Founder of the FGC
Founder/CEO, SEISA Group

While we are living in daily bases, we hear many news related to children in the world. Death of new born babies and their mother, children suffering from dispute that led by selfish adult, and etc.

Yet children are living with utmost effort.

Since medical and educational support are not enough, there are many countries that children cannot live and develop as "usual."

For true indepence of children, I feel strongly the need of organization that solve various problems above. "Children are the future treasures. Nurturing any kinds of children must be done, without that there will be no more future."

Children's life are not only created by themselves. Their surrounding environment shall be created by us, the adults.

The movement is not a big things like changing Japan or whole world. Starting from small movement like the grass-roots movement is important thing and moment that I can feel.

Please join us to do activities that not only to hand future to your children, but also to create future with your children.


This Foundation shall explore problems in child education and care, both in Japan and overseas. In this conjunction, we create a vision of an ideal future, provide solutions to the problems and assist the development and wellbeing of children. In order to enable them to live and work together in harmony, we must support their sound development and wellbeing in Japan and also overseas.

Activities: This Foundation shall undertake the followings to accomplish the objectives
  • Support children and youth affected by disasters
  • Support children and youth in improving their educational, hygiene, and medical environment
  • Support children and youth in promoting their international understanding and sound development
  • Support children and youth for their social independence
  • Undertake necessary activities for the accomplishment of the above
  • All of the above shall be done in Japan and overseas
3 Visions
To establish a framework of solid education and health care, enable children to become responsible members of society and contribute to their country

We will work to provide a solid education (including sports and arts programs) and health care to children worldwide. We also plan to build a framework for providing proper education as well as work opportunities which enable children to go on to shape their countries future. In the future, we would also like to help each country develop the necessary social infrastructure.
To be a 'Do-Tank' rather a 'Think-Tank'

To achieve our objectives more concretely and effectively, the function of the foundation will be more action-oriented. We will not just think and analyze, but also carry out in practice our stated aims, always keeping in mind that we are an institution of 'doers'.
To carry out our duties patiently, steadly and enduringly

As the hopes of establishing this foundation are to pass the torch to our successors, to keep it burning and to keep working for the well being and betterment of children, we expect this foundation to function far into the future. We will keep a long-term perspective, but at the same time fulfill our duties one by one, to ensure an enduring legacy.