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  • Supporting health care education in Myanmar
  • Supporting medical and health care in areas that do not have access to medical services
  • Human development support

Surrounding environment of children are changing in daily basis.
Activities that are not on the list above also done case by case.
For more detailed information, please check out the following "Activity Report".

myanmar DATA

Surface Area:680,000 square kilometer
Population:51 million 140 thousand people
(Myanmar Ministry of Immigration and Population, 2019)

Japanese in Myanmar:2,388 people(Oct. 2022)
Burmese in Japan:47,965 people(registered June. 2022)

* Data from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

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In Myanmar, many children die before the age of five due to infection from a small scar.
The mortality rate of mothers and infants have increased due to infection during or after delivery.
In Yangon suburbia, there is a school for orphans. They are taught to make mendicant bowls and they learn mushrooms cultivation. These lessons help them make a living for themselves.
Medical environment in Myanmar. Cataract is common among people. As a result, many lose their jobs or are not able to get one.
First aid care for prevention of infection could go a long way.