International students, Mr. Daimon and Mr. Merhawi from Eritrea, and Ms. Yamin, Ms. Su and Mr. Kaung from Myanmar, who came to Japan as SEISA sports scholarship students in March 2019, have completed all 3 years at SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan and graduated this spring with great pride.

It must have been very difficult and hard for them to live in Japan, in a different culture and in an unfamiliar environment, far away from their parents. In addition, the spread of COVID-19 often imposed restrictions on their athletic and school life and all other aspects of their lives. Undeterred by such circumstances, they did the best possible things they could do, and made it through their high school years in Japan.

At the farewell party hosted by FGC, each student reflected on the past three years. They expressed their gratitude to their friends, teachers and others who have supported them, in addition to their happy memories, hardships and what they have learned from SEISA. Their fluent Japanese allowed us to sense their growth over the past three years.

The five graduates have embarked on their own journeys. Daimon enrolled in SEISA Dohto University in Hokkaido. On April 4, the entrance ceremony was held and he became a university student. He will continue to pursue his athletic and academic career in Japan. Mr. Merhawi, Ms. Yamin, Ms. Su, and Mr. Kaung have returned to their home countries and are now pursuing their own dreams. The time they spent at SEISA and in Japan became an irreplaceable asset for them. We hope that they will be a bridge between their home countries and Japan in the near future.

The international students who have graduated will be featured in FGC News No. 29, which will be published in April. Please take a look at the message from Ms. Pema Selden, who came to Japan from the Kingdom of Bhutan in 2018 and completed her master's degree at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) this spring with the support of SEISA Group and FGC. (It will be posted on our website in the near future.)


Best wishes to all the graduates!


At the farewell party hosted by FGC


SEISA Track and Field Team


To greet those who have helped them


Mr. Daimon attending the entrance ceremony of SEISA Dohto University


Myanmar students at the airport before returning home