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2017.11.09 Tokyo Gorin Ondo MV is now available to view!!
2017.10.25 SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge (SAAB) to be held!!
2017.10.23 [Eritrea] New Students from Eritrea and Bhutan came to Japan!
2017.10.19 Interexchange Event “Play with Eritrean Student!” to be held in Oiso-machi
2017.10.12 Filming Tokyo Gorin Ondo MV !
2017.09.18 [Bhutan] Bhutanese archers at Handa Cup for 2020 Olympics prep
2017.09.14 [Bhutan] Delegation of Bhutan Archery Federation visit to Japan
2017.08.04 [Myanmar] Myanmar National Judo Team aiming for SEA Games after the joint training camp with SEISA Dohto University
2017.07.21 [Eritrea] Eritrean Students – Success in the April – July period in Japan !
2017.07.05 [Other Country] CNMI Women’s National Team completes training camp in Japan
2017.07.03 SKY Project Event was held!
2017.07.03 Yasuo Miyazawa, VC of FGC, to be awarded for the Foreign Minister’s Commendations for FY 2017
2017.06.30 [Myanmar] Myanmar National JUDO Team holds training camp in SEISA DOHTO Univerisity.
2017.06.29 [Eritrea] Ambassador’s visit to Oiso/Kanagawa
2017.06.23 [Eritrea] Social Exchange Event at SEISA Gakuen High School Shonan!
2017.06.19 [Eritrea] Eritrea – Photo Exhibition in Kanagawa
2017.06.12 [Bhutan] The 1st Intensive Training Camp for track and field athletes in Bhutan
2017.06.08 [Eritrea] Vigorously following up the discussions made in Asmara !
2017.05.31 [Eritrea] Memorial Photo Exhibition of 26th Annual of Eritrea’s Independence “Eritrea – Feel Freedom”
2017.05.30 [Eritrea] Toward the establishment of Eritrea-Japan Friendship Association
2017.05.28 [Eritrea] Mr. Miyazawa invited to the President’ working place:
2017.05.27 [Eritrea] Friendship between Eritrea and Japan has come to next stage !
2017.05.25 [Eritrea] Highlight of the Independence Week
2017.05.24 [Eritrea] Learning more about Asmara and Eritrea!
2017.05.22 [Eritrea] Japanese drum performances in the open air
2017.05.22 [Eritrea] Support in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
2017.05.21 [Eritrea] Dako-on playing for disabled veterans and their families
2017.05.20 [Eritrea] Asmara – fascinated by Dako-on !!
2017.05.17 [Eritrea] Dako-on, a traditional Japanese Drum Team in Asmara/Eritrea
2017.05.15 [Eritrea] Eritrea Photo Exhibition
2017.05.15 [Bhutan] Bhutan Signed Agreement for TOKYO 2020 Pre-Games Training Camps
2017.01.27 [Eritrea] Two Student Athletes from Eritrea Come to Japan!
2016.12.20 [Eritrea] Yared Asmerom visited Japan
2016.11.16 SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge 2016
2016.11.10 This Weekend!!! SEISA Africa Asia Bridge 2016
2016.10.11 [Bhutan] Bhutan-Japan Sports Collaboration 2016-2020
2016.08.10 Letter of Appreciation from Eritrean National Athletic Federations !
2016.08.10 [Myanmar] Dr. Thein Thein Htay visited Japan
2016.06.19 [Japan] Supporting Activities for 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
2016.06.19 [Eritrea] 13 Eritrean Athletes Visited Japan
2016.06.09 [Bhutan] Bhutan Olympic Committee Visited Kanagawa
2016.01.21 Delivering School Uniforms for Children in Nepal
2016.01.21 [Eritrea] 3rd Visit to Eritrea
2015.11.24 [Japan] ★SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge 2015★
2015.11.12 [Japan] ★The Brussels String Quartet Charity Concerts in Hokkaido
2015.11.05 SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge 2015 on Nov.15
2015.09.28 FGC Activity Report Conference
2015.09.07 [Eritrea] Eritrea Signed Agreement for 2020 Pre-Games Training Camps
2015.08.24 Eritrea won the first gold medal in IAAF World Championship!
2015.07.09 October Brussels String Quartet Charity Concert
2015.07.09 Eritrea Page is Newly Opened
2015.06.20 [Eritrea] Eritrean Deligate’s Second Arrival to Japan
2015.06.05 Change to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
2015.04.17 Change in Contact Info.
2015.04.15 FGC News Vol.1-4 English Version Uploaded
2015.03.25 [Eritrea] Mr. Miyazawa Revisiting Eritrea
2015.02.20 [Eritrea] Arrival of Eritrea Delegate to Japan
2015.01.26 ★Bhutan RTC students visit to Japan
2015.01.25 [Bhutan] Bhutanese Students & Professor’s visit to Japan has started!!
2015.01.04 A Happy New Year 2015 !
2015.01.04 [Myanmar] Japan Study Program – November/December 2014
2014.11.21 ★Supported 4th Japan Film Festival in Boston
2014.09.30 [Eritrea] Start of Eritrea Support, MoU was Signed with ENOC
2014.09.22 ★Starting of full-scale supports in Eritrea
2014.09.16 Renewed English Page’s Design
2014.05.28 [Japan] 2013 NTOY Jeff sensei’s visit to Japan
2014.03.31 [Bhutan] SEISA Field Trip in Bhutan
2014.01.18 [Myanmar] “Japan Study Program 2014”

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