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Great East Japan Earthquake



The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 11, 2011. The Foundation for Global Children work on "Supplying Basic Needs for Survival" and "How to deal with reputational risks" while figuring out situations and conditions of the site. Now, we set a base in Souma City, Fukushima Prefecture to continue treating mental health of children for "Revival of education and Medical Service." Thank you very much for your support and kindness. In order to continue our activities, we need your understanding and support. We are looking forward to working with you.

Great East Japan Earthquake National Emergency Support

Great East Japan Earthquake occurred March 11, 2011 occurred
Supplying Basic Needs for Survival March 11 – April 6, 2011 [Supplying Basic Needs for Surrvival]
Acting against Harmful Rumors April 12, 2011 – [Acting Against Harmful Rumors]
Restoring Education and Health Care May 1, 2011 – [Restoring Education and Health Care]

Educational Environment Support Team (EEST)

Team Members
Founder of FGC Yasuo Miyazawa as a leader & teachers from SEISA Group as members
Activity Detail
Counseling)students、teachers、kindergarten teachers、parents & guardians in Fukushima Prefecture
Special Education Training Session)Primary Schools in Fukushima Prefecture
Occasional Course Support)Isobe Primary School & Isobe Junior-High School and other schools in Fukushima Prefecture

Medical Support Team (MST)

Team Member
Specially-Appointed Professor Dr. Masahiro Kami, from Division of Social Communication System for Advanced Clinical Research in the Institute of Medical Science in the University of Tokyo, students and professors from the University of Tokyo, volunteer doctors and nurses.
Activity Detail
Radiation Ray Information Session)for general citizens、teachers、medical personnels


Activity Detail
Health Checkup & Consultation)more than 1,500 people

Activity Report

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