Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, FGC and SEISA Group have been supporting exchange activities for children in Fukushima. As a part of such activities, we have been conducting a soccer exchange program for many years. On January 13th and 14th, 2024, we held the program in Soma City.

The first day started with a coaching session, followed in the afternoon by a lecture by Mr. Yasuhiko Okudera, the first Japanese professional soccer player. Mr. Makoto Ohno, who has been involved in training soccer players including national team players for many years and has also supported SEISA’s soccer exchange program, and Ms. Nanako Yamamoto, the Iwaki FC team doctor.

Mayor Tachiya of Soma City also attended the event and expressed his appreciation for the longstanding support of SEISA Group. A letter of appreciation was also presented by the Soma City Soccer Association to Honorable Chairperson Yasuo Miyazawa and received by CEO Sachiko Miyazawa.

On the second day, “SEISA Okudera Cup” was held. Nine teams of third and fourth-grade elementary school students, about 100 students participated, and many exchanges were made through the tournament.

The two-day event was the culmination of 12 years of soccer exchange activities in Soma. We will continue them while changing the form of the program in the future.