SEISA graduate Dejen Tesfalem Weldu has made another great achievement.

Mr. Dejen came to Japan from Eritrea in 2017 as a sports scholarship student, went on to SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan and SEISA University, and graduated last year. After graduation, he started working for Nansatsu Tokyo, a company in Kagoshima, and continues to be an athlete on the company track and field team.

He achieved a wonderful accomplishment in his first full marathon. The Kagoshima Marathon 2024 was held on March 3, 2024, with 5410 participants in the full marathon. He won the race for the first time with a time of 02:14:50. His success was widely covered by the local media and aired on the news. He has been in Japan longer than any other international students we have accepted and has had a close relationship with us.

We interviewed him about his victory in the Kagoshima Marathon.

Please click here to read the interview with Mr. Dejen. He talked about the race, how he felt when he won, his new life in Kagoshima, and his message to everyone at SEISA. 

All FGC and SEISA people are thrilled to see the wonderful progress made by our graduate. We look forward to seeing Mr. Dejen’s future activities.