The New Year has arrived and FGC started a new business year this January.

We were able to carry out various activities last year, with the support of many people, and we would like to continue even more vigor this year.

In addition to the projects, we have been doing, we will begin a full-scale new project this year for the Republic of Uganda to build bridges along children's school routes to realize a "bridge between Africa and Asia" and also, we will provide additional classrooms, improve the school environment, and interactive programs between Uganda and Japan.


We have started accepting membership applications for this year.

Membership fees are 6,000 yen per individual member and 120,000 yen per corporate member and tax-deductible. Please apply for the membership through our website or feel free to contact us. We will continue our best to bring smiles to the faces of children around the world in 2024.

We look forward to your continued support.