Two students; Mr. Tandin and Mr. Kinley, from the Kingdom of Bhutan as judo students under the "SEISA-BOC Sports Scholarship" will graduate from SEISA Dohto University this spring.  They came to Japan in 2019 and have worked hard in academics and judo for the past four years.

We are currently planning a crowdfunding project with the goal of inviting their families in Bhutan to Japan for their graduation ceremony.

We want to give them a chance to see firsthand how they have grown up so well over the past four years with the support of so many people.

This project was conceived by Mr. Tandin and Mr. Kinley, together with the staff in charge of the project.


【Crowdfunding project website】※The English website is currently under construction.

Please visit the website above to learn more about our past activities and thoughts, and consider supporting us. We offer several courses so that you can make a donation starting at 500 yen.

Donors will receive a thank-you message from our foundation, Mr. Tandin and Mr. Kinley.

*We would appreciate your understanding that if the amount of the donation does not reach the target to invite their families to their graduation ceremony, or if there is a surplus, it may be used to support sports and para-sports in Bhutan.


A message to everyone (from the crowdfunding website)

Two international judo students from the Kingdom of Bhutan are celebrating a milestone: graduation from university.

During their time at the university, they were unable to compete in the Olympics.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic tournaments were cancelled across the board, and they did not have the opportunity to participate in any of them. They could not win a single match.

Although they have both become much stronger since their arrival in Japan, they are not quite there yet as judo practitioners.

There must have been many difficult times during their time at the university, and times they wanted to return to their home country temporarily.

However, they were able to manage to stick it out for four years here in Japan, far away from home, without whining.

We strongly hope that their families see them in person at the graduation ceremony, a milestone in their lives.

Since this is a special occasion, we think it would be a good way for them to show filial piety to their families if they could take the lead in greeting and introducing them to the people involved, who have supported them, and then return home together. We would very much appreciate your support.