On Saturday, October 22nd, we were invited to the school festival "SEIHIN Festival" at SEISA Kokusai High School Hamamatsu and exhibited FGC booth. This year's "SEIHIN Festival" was held at the "Sunayama Ginza Southern Cross Shopping Street", which was for the first time to be held outside of school and enabled local residents to participate in.

The shopping street was bustling with people thanks to student exhibits, live performances, and a performance by "DAKO-ON", a creative Japanese drum group of SEISA.

At the FGC booth, we not only let people know about FGC's activities, but also sold "Kesete's Curry" made by Kesete, an Eritrean staff of our foundation. In order to make the curry taste similar to the curry he used to eat in his home country, Eritrea, Kesete himself devised the recipe, mixed the spices, and seasoned the dish, and all the FGC staff worked together to prepare the dish.

Eritrean students learning at SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan also helped us sell curry by calling out to passersby. The people who have actually purchased the curry have not only commented on the delicious taste, but have also asked questions such as, "Where is Eritrea? or "What is it famous for?” Many of them expressed their interest in the country.

Knowing the world through foods. We hope that "Kesete's Curry" provided a good opportunity for people to learn more about Eritrea.