Mr. Kesete from Eritrea, an employee of the Foundation for Global Children (FGC), is featured on the official website of HEROs, which is operated by the Nippon Foundation.

“HEROs Sportsmanship for the future" is an initiative of the Nippon Foundation to promote social contribution activities by athletes in order to generate and expand the interest and actions of many people connected through sports. This activity started in 2017 after gathering voice of athletes. Mr. Kesete  has been selected as a scholarship recipient for this program and is featured on the website. Please take a look.

Although Mr. Kesete is an employee of SEISA, he trains as an athlete himself while coaching students of the Track and Field Club of SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan. He is also busy with his studies at SEISA University's "Japanese Language Teacher Training Course". He is determined to be a "goodwill ambassador" between Eritrea and Japan, and a hero for someone who is needed by society.


HEROs Official Website


Kesete san’s profile page (Japanese is only available):

KESETE HABTETSION BERHANE | HEROs アスリートの社会貢献活動を推進する日本財団プロジェクト (