SEISA Group and FGC have been engaged in disaster relief and humanitarian aid activities both in Japan and overseas.

As is reported daily, military action has been launched in Ukraine and the situation has deteriorated significantly. There have already been many casualties, including children and civilians. Since February 24, more than 3 million people* have already crossed the border seeking safety, forced to become refugees in neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. (* As of March 15, 2022)

The people of Ukraine need immediate and urgent support. SEISA Group and FGC would like to support people in Ukraine by accepting donations. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We sincerely hope that peace will return to the lives of the people of Ukraine as soon as possible.

【How to Donate】

▼ To the donation boxes in each division of SEISA Group

▼Transfer within Japan

From Japan Post

●   Account Number  / 00240-1-116684

●  Holder Name  /   ザイ)セカイコドモザイダン

From Bank in Japan

●   Bank Name  /  Japan Post Bank

●   Account Number  / (Checking Account)0116684

●  Holder Name  /   ザイ)セカイコドモザイダン

Please write “Emergency Aid to Ukraine” in the correspondence box