We would like to express our deep appreciation for your continuous support and understanding for the activities of Foundation for Global Children (FGC). From the end of last year through January, we have been asking for donations of unwritten and surplus New Year's postcards through our website and social networking services. With the support of many people, we received more than 700 unused postcards within a period of about one month. Together with the used stamps that have been donated from before, the total donation amounted to 31,140 yen as a result of redemption.

Your donations will be used to support the recovery of people affected by natural disasters in Japan, as well as education, sports, medical care, and welfare support and activities in Myanmar, Bhutan, Eritrea, and other countries. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.

We accept donations of used stamps and postcards (only ones produced by Japan Post) throughout the year. If you have such postcards to donate, please bring them to the nearby office and schools of SEISA Group, or send them to the below address of FGC’s Office.

ZIP 259-0111

1805-2, Kokuhuhongo, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa

We thank again for your warm supports.