The SEISA Group and the Foundation for Global Children (FGC) have been providing emergency support to children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters.

The torrential rains of 3rd to 31st July 2020 caused damage across Japan. In particular, Kumamoto and other areas in Kyushu were severely affected and continue to be affected to this day.

The SEISA Group and the FGC have been conducting emergency fund-raising activities to raise the funds for relief efforts. On November 22nd, 2021, the SEISA Group and the FGC presented a donation to the Board of Education of Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. This donation will be used as a scholarship fund in Hitoyoshi City to support the children affected by the disaster.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in our fundraising activities.

Presentation of the donation to the Hitoyoshi City Board of Education


Hitoyoshi Newspaper (26th November)