On 24th September, 2021, Certificate & Degree Conferment Ceremony of SEISA Dohto University was held. Mr. Kesete Habtesion Berhane, a SEISA Group sports scholar who came to Japan from Eritrea to study at SEISA Dohto University four years ago, has successfully completed his studies. To the delight of all, he will be the first Eritrean to graduate from a four-year university in Japan.

Mr. Kesete studied sports management at the faculty of Business Administration of SEISA Dohto University. He was a successful long-distance track and field athlete. In August 2020, he competed in the 5000m at the 72nd Hokkaido Intercollegiate Athletics Championships, finishing in third place. In the following month, he won the championship in the 5000m at the 49th Hokkaido Student Track and Field Championships. In August 2021, he won the 73rd Hokkaido Intercollegiate Athletics Championships with a time of 14:55.46 in the 5000m. He could end the last race of his college career on a high note.

There is more to it than just sports. Mr. Kesete has deepened his professional knowledge at the faculty of Business Administration, and also passed the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in July 2021. He has been able to balance his studies with athletics.

With what he has learned in the past four years, Mr. Kesete is going to teach track and field in Japan, while continuing to compete as an athlete. Becoming a bridge between SEISA, Japan and Eritrea, he will expand his activities as a member of SEISA Group. We look forward to his future success.

Here are the comments from Mr. Kesete.

“At first, I had a hard time because I didn't understand Japanese. Also, I felt that the university period would be too long. But looking back now, it all went by so quickly. Studying both Japanese and business administration were not easy. However, in SEISA Dohto University, I learned that hard work will surely pay off. In Eritrea, there is a saying, "the hardships of today will become the peace of tomorrow. With these words in mind, I continued to study, believing that no matter how hard it was, if I worked hard now, I would be able to smile tomorrow.”