Mr. Kesete Habtesion from Eritrea, a senior student of SEISA Dohto University Track and Field Club, won the 73rd Hokkaido Intercollegiate Athletics Championships held at Chitose Aoba Park from August 27th to 29th with a time of 14:55.46!

Although the possibility of holding the event itself was threatened due to the spread of COVID-19, it was successfully held with the efforts of many people. This was Kesete's last race as a university student, and he was able to finish the race on a high note.

This fall, Mr. Kesete will graduate from SEISA Dohto University. After graduation, he will work as an employee of SEISA Group and continue to be involved in athletics. Mr. Kesete is expected to deepen his understanding in SEISA to be a goodwill ambassador between Eritrea and Japan through sports. We look forward to his future activities.