Mr. Kaung, Ms. Yamin and Ms. Su, three students from Myanmar, were featured in NHK's " Let's Cheer for the World!".

The three students are members of the karate club, and with the support of many people, they are learning about the heart of Japan and SEISA, and are working hard to study and practice every day.

Please look at the daily lives of these three students, their relationships with their friends, the adults who support them, and their interactions with local children, as they continue to grow up in Japan carrying their home country on their back.


▼ Let's Cheer for the World | NHK - Available in Japanese Only


TV broadcast schedule
1. NHK General (Digest version of "Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Kumamoto")
・July 15 (Thu) 18:30 news time in the Tokyo metropolitan area (already aired)

2. NHK BS1 (full version)
・July 21 (Wed) 12:16- (program and program spot)

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