The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011.   Many people lost their lives in the terrible earthquake and tsunami aftermath. Additionally, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear facility was destroyed. These tragedies have left many people suffering and in despair. Recognizing the circumstances of these people, Foundation for Global Children (FGC), immediately after the disaster, began support activities that included the delivery of daily commodities to keep people alive.

Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa, FGC Chairperson arrived immediately at the site and initiated the project. In cooperation with local government and medical institutions, FGC developed support activities for the "revival of education and medical care."

In the area of medical support, FGC conducted radiation briefings and health checkups for local residents. In the area of educational environment support, FGC dispatched teachers and school counselors to provide psychological care and counseling to elementary and junior high school students, their parents, and local teachers. This educational environment support is still ongoing.

Moreover, we invited children from Fukushima prefecture, a disaster area, to Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido, to participate in winter sports and nature exchange programs. Also, we hold a soccer exchange program for children in Soma city, Fukushima prefecture every year. These were encouraging activities for the children. We are continuously engaged in support activities for residents in the disaster-stricken areas.  We value and emphasize the importance of getting involved and facing each other.

This year marks the 10th year of the horrible disaster. The areas damaged by the earthquake and tsunami are steadily on the road to recovery. Time has passed since the disaster, and the nature of support has also changed, but it is an event that should never be forgotten. The lessons of this disaster need to be passed on to future generations.

FGC will continue to provide as much support as possible. In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent disasters in various parts of Japan, we have continued to provide prompt support activities such as providing relief supplies and emergency fund-raising activities. We would like to ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Children in disaster area enjoyed snow activity in Hokkaido.


A boy being interviewed by Shonan Magic Wave


Group photo after soccer exchange program in Soma City