On March 5, 2021, international students, Ms. Sonam and Mr. Nidup from Bhutan, and Mr. Natnael from Eritrea, graduated from SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan. They came to Japan through the Sports Scholarship program of SEISA Group and FGC. While in School, the students practiced sports competitively and studied hard.  Nurtured friendship with Japanese students as well as with other international students, they were able to lean the three guiding principles of SEISA; “Understand Each other, Leave Nobody Out and Make Friends” through the real experience.

At the graduation ceremony, Mr. Nidup was awarded the “SEISA Sports Encouragement Award” for his achievements in archery.

After graduation, Mr. Nidup and Ms. Sonam will return to Bhutan to pursue higher education there. Mr. Natnael will go on to study at SEISA Dohto University. The students are expected to achieve even greater success in the future.


Our 3 graduates. Mr.Nidup(left) Ms.Sonam(middle) Mr.Natnael (right)


In front of their graduated school.


The SEISA Sports Encouragement Award for Mr.Nidup