SEISA Nagoya Junior High School students gifted handmade picture books (Momotaro) and a karuta (Japanese traditional card game) themed around disaster prevention for the international students from Eritrea, Bhutan and Myanmar enrolled in SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan to learn more about Japanese culture.

Those were used in the Japanese class right away. In the karuta game, the first match was played individually, and the second one was played as a team match. Mr. Kaung, a student from Myanmar, won the individual match with 19 cards. In the team match, they encouraged team mates who were struggling to get cards, and clapped with joy at getting a card. From the card, the students learned about disaster prevention knowledge such as emergency exits and tsunamis. After that, all the international students read the picture book in turn, and understood the story as they read. Knowing the story of “Momotaro” provided a good opportunity to learn about Japanese culture. We will continue to use the picture books and karuta as study materials. We thank for students of SEISA Nagoya Junior High School for their kind contribution.

Playing a karuta game


Kaung won the karuta game!


Recitation of Japanese folktale "Momotaro"