Mr. Penjor, a student from Bhutan, and Mr. Dejen, a student from Eritrea, both enrolled in the Accommodation Course at SEISA University, gave a slide presentation in Japanese. They delivered their speeches in Japanese as a part of the "SEISA study''(philosophy), that aims to nurture human resources who can contribute to the realization of KYOSEI society (living in harmony).

Mr. Penjor explained why the Kingdom of Bhutan is said to be the happiest country in the world. He said that it is because the Bhutanese believe in the importance of four things: politics, nature, culture, and religion. He also introduced the audience to the Taktsang Monastery, located on a cliff 3,000 meters above sea level, with slides.

Mr. Dejen introduced the history of Eritrea using the location of the country and the colors of its flag, and gave a presentation on injera, a local dish, all of which deepened our interest in the country.

Both of them presented about their respective countries in a dignified manner. It was evident that they have certainly grown as university students.




Presentation regarding Bhutan




Presentation regarding Eritrea