SEISA University, SEISA Dohto University, and SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan currently have 13 sports scholarship students in total; five from Eritrea, five from Bhutan, and three from Myanmar, through Foundation for Global Children (FGC).

SEISA sports scholarship students have been trying to balance their schedules for both studies and sports. They have been learning the importance of social skills, which will later help in acquiring wide range of education for the future of their countries.

During the New Year's holiday, SEISA University and SEISA Dohto University students were able to make their own plans, and lived independently at their respective dormitories fulfilling the theme of "Further Independence". On the other hand, students from SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan, stayed at SEISA Hakone Campus starting from Dec, 30 to Jan, 7, giving them an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Hakone through local exchange, work experience and hands-on learning. On January 2nd, Mr. Miyazawa, the founder and chairperson of  FGC,  visited SEISA Hakone Campus and gave a warm speech to the students. During their stay at SEISA Hakone Campus, the students did not only learn about the history and culture of Hakone, but also follow their schedule properly like doing their studies at night and trainings in the day. They spent meaningful eight days in Hakone.

Students made an original glass through a sandblasting experience.


Students created a good luck charm with local people.


Nidup trying a pottery making earnestly


International students enjoyed playing Karuta. (Japanese traditional playing cards)


Study time at night


Meeting right before the training


After the Karate training


Mr. Miyazawa, founder and Chairperson of the FGC visited international students staying in Hakone