On August 30th, three international students from Myanmar; Kaung, Yamin and Su who belong to SEISA Kokusai High School Shonan Karatedo Club, participated in the All Japan Karatedo Shotokan Kuwa-kai promotion examination. They were nervous and made some mistakes on the day, but they still demonstrated a spirited performance to show the results of their training. As a result, Kaung passed his Shodan and Yamin and Su passed their 1st kyu test.

They trained hard with students from Hiratsuka High School of Science & Technology to prepare for the kyu examination and shared their joy at seeing each other again for the first time since the declaration of a state of emergency. During the kata training, the students listened intently to the teachers, alumni, and seniors who taught them every detail of the kata and other things they should pay attention to. We hope that they continue to train hard together as good friends and sometimes rivals in the future. Next Kyu examination is scheduled on September 27th hosted by All Japan High School Athletic Federation. Please stay tuned for their further success.

Yamin and Su from the front