Bhutan Paralympic Committee (BPC) and Foundation of Global Children (FGC) have been discussing about stimulate the Paralympic movement and grassroots movement for the future of Bhutan.

In Bhutan, football, basketball and volleyball are popular in that order. Football sets blind football and volleyball sets sitting volleyball for Paralympic. However, it turns out that basketball doesn’t have the prospects for Paralympic basketball, wheelchair basketball.

Therefore, FGC consulted with the 24-Hour TV Charity Committee about it’s wheelchair donation program to support Bhutan's wheelchair basketball, and applied for the program. As a result of the selection, the 24-Hour TV Charity Committee decided to donate five wheelchairs for one basketball team to Bhutan through FGC. For this year’s program, 8 organizations and 15 individuals were selected from 50 applications, and 55 wheelchairs are going to be donated.

On August 21st, FGC received 5 wheelchairs from the manufacturer, Matsunaga Manufacturing Co. The manufacturer also kindly painted the wheelchairs with yellow and orange, the colors of the Kingdom of Bhutan. FGC plans to deliver the wheelchairs as soon as possible to the people in need in Bhutan.