Eritrea, a country in Africa is known as a powerhouse of athletics and cycling, but the sports for people with disabilities are still undeveloped and they have not yet participated in any Paralympic games. However, there is an athlete who is a pioneer in Para-sports in Eritrea: Sibhatu Kesete, the men’s wheelchair marathoner.

Foundation for Global Children (FGC) has been working with the Commission for Culture and Sports to prepare for Eritrea's first Paralympic Games. We met in the course of our discussions and decided to support his athletic activities.

As part of this, FGC donated a set of athletic wheelchairs to him. He was in the U.S. for the Los Angeles Marathon in March and was able to run marathon with his new wheelchair instead of his old and heavy one, which had been a disadvantage for him in previous races. Although the result was not satisfied with 15th place due to an accident at the beginning of the race,  he is determined to put all his passion in the next competition and the next year's Paralympic Games.

Sibhatu Kesete with a new athletic wheelchair


New race with a new one


Participated in the Los Angeles Marathon