Eritrean international students of SEISA Group are studying and receiving track and field trainings in SEISA Dohto University, SEISA University and SEISA Kokusai Shonan high school. On May 24th, 2020, the independence day of Eritrea, Mr. Miyazawa, the chairperson of FGC, hosted a party to celebrate for those international students who are away from their home country. Other international students from Bhutan and Myanmar also joined to celebrate with friends. The party was held with a special care to take enough social distance, sanitation and disinfection means.

After almost 30 years of fight since 1960's, Eritrea finally became independent from Ethiopia  on 24th May, 1991. In its capital city, Asmara, various events such as concert, sports and dance are supposed to held to celebrate from 1 week before. However, this year, those events were restrained because of Covid-19.

Eritrea, marking 29th year of the independence, seeks for young talents who can contribute to the development of the country in various fields. International students are trying their best in the trainings with the hope to contribute to their home country through sports. FGC will continue to support their sports activities as well as to make more opportunities to deepen understanding between  friends from different countries.

The national flag of Eritrea.
Asmara, Eritrea's capital city, was crowded with people celebrating the independence day (the photo taken in 2017).
Dakoon, Japanese Drum Group from SEISA Group, performed specially for the independence day in Asmara, Eritrea, 2017.