On November 9th and 10th, 2019, the 5th SEISA Africa Asia Bridge was held at SEISA High School in Yokohama. More than 32 countries from Africa and Asia including Japan joined and total 7,738 people broadened the circles of learning and relating together.

International students from Eritrea, Bhutan and Myanmar also participated in SAAB and interacted beyond sports. They exchange views about what is richness in Multi Age Discussion. Archery Experiencing Booth in its second year was a great prosperity same as the last time. Sonam and Nidup who are International students from Bhutan instructed more than 500 people how to play archery in fluent Japanese for two days.

Dejen and Penjo who enrolled university on October 2019 participated talk show of Olympic and Paralympic athlete
Both of two students were impressed with the attitude of training renewed own mind as an athlete through the lecture of Paralympian.

At the finale, 1,000 people passed the rugby ball all at once which their wishes and dreams for the future are written.

Talk show
FGC exhibition booth
Embassy exhibition booth
(Embassy of Eritrea)