On November 25th, 2018, 5 international students from  Eritrea and Bhutan, studying in SEISA Kokusai Shonan High School, visited to Ajino moto National Training Center in Tokyo to meet with Thomas Bach, the president of IOC. They attended in the interexchange meeting and talked about their activities in Japan.

SEISA Sports Scholarship Program has been developed as the Olympic Solidarity Program, an IOC’s official program. This meeting was held as an interexchange opportunity between Mr. Bach, who was visiting Japan, and athletes of the program. SEISA Kokusai Shonan High School’s 5 international students, Dejen, Anur and Penjor of Track and Field major, Nidup and Sonam of Archery major, reported about their activities in sports and school, life experiences in Japan, their progresses and future goals.

Mr. Bach was surprised to see how much progresses they made in Japan, and gave them important advices as athletes for the future. At the QA, Penjor asked a question about career development of athletes. Mr. Bach, an gold medalist of fencing, said “Education is significant for sports as well as for life. It is important to keep on studying.” is important.

For international students aiming to achieve success internationally in the future, it was a great opportunity to be with Mr. Bach. Their activities will bring dreams and purposes to the next generation of their country. SEISA Group and FGC will continue making efforts to support their activities, nurture young generation through sports, and contribute internationally.

Thomas Bach, the president of IOC, and Yasuo Miyazawa, CEO of SEISA Group


Mr. Bach and International Students of Olympic Solidarity Program