On May 11th, “Eritrea, Knowing and Connecting, Kickoff!” seminar was held at Odawara Civic Center UMECO.

The event was held by The Odawara Hakone Chamber of Commerce Industry for local residents in Odawara and Hakone, the host towns of Eritrea during 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to feel familiar with the country and to highten the momentum hospitality (Omotenashi). Foundation for Global Children and SEISA group coordinated and supported the event and also Yasuo Miyazawa, the Chairperson of FGC, gave a lecture along with Estifanos Afeworki State of Eritrea Ambassador to Japan.

His Excellency Mr. Estifanos Afework introduced charms of Eritrea by it`s brief history, geography, religious tolerance and abundance of resources. He also mentioned how safe the city of Eritrea through the example that women are able to walk at night with no danger.

Mr. Miyazawa talked about a personal encounter and special connection with Eritrea as a first Japanese citizen who steped into the country just after their becoming independent. He also introduced the history how SEISA group and FGC supported and interacted with Eritrea including the supporting activities through sports.

The event was a success with the attendance of over one hundred people.

This event was also a part of “SKY project” which was carried through collaboration of Kanagawa prefecture, host-towns and SEISA group.

At the opportunity of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, FGC continues  activities to promote sports as well as to deepen friendships and understandings of other countries.