Kanagawa prefecture is developing it's own version of Tokyo Gorin Ondo MV to promote and support success of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.

On a sunny October day, it was filmed in various locations such as Kugenuma beach, Enoshima and SEISA Kokusai Oiso Campus. Dakoh-on Junior, SEISA Track and Field Athletic Club, which Eritrean students Dejan and Anur belongs, baseball team and girl's football team of SEISA Kokusai Shonan, staffs of Oiso-machi danced each parts of Tokyo Gorin Ondo.
Originally, Tokyo Gorin Ondo was produced as a main theme music of Tokyo Olympic in 1964. It was renewed with Japanese singers including Yuzo Kayama, Sayuri Ishikawa and Pistole Takehara as "Toko Gorin Ondo 2020" .
Municipals, organizations and other parties with strong relationship with Tokyo Olympic 2020 participated for this Kanagawa version MV.