Towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Kanagawa prefecture, Odawara city, Hakone town, Oiso town and SEISA group are jointly organizing “SKY Project” to promote Sports (S), Education (K-kyoiku) and Friendship (Y-Yukou) through interexchange between Eritrea and Bhutan, countries that municipals host for pre-game camps.

 As a part of the project, a social event was held in Shonan Campus of SEISA Kokusai High School in Oiso Town. Students of SEISA Junior High School were visiting on their school trip. Dejen and Anur, students from Eritrea, gave instruction of running as a member of track and field club of SEISA High School.

 At the end of the event, all the students let paper plane on which they wrote about their dream fly together. At that moment, all the colorful paper planes flew and painted cloudy sky beautifully.

Dejen and Anur came from faraway country Eritrea, to study in Kanagawa prefecture. Their dream is to participate in Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!


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