A social event with Eritrean students, Dejen and Anur, was hosted at Seisa Gakuen High School Shonan. It was very good weather to see Sagami bay clearly. Our staff introduced about the activity of FGC in Eritrea and Bhutan. Students seem to be very interested. After Dejen and Anur introduced themselves in Japanese, there was Q&A time. “What food you like best?”, “Can you see Japanese animation film in Eritrea?”, “What categories of track & field you are in?”, “What surprised you most in Japan?”, Students asked unique questions with open heart. They were very eager to become friends with Dejen and Anur coming from a foreign country faraway. In the free time, they enjoyed playing football and Onigokko (Japanese traditional play) together to deepen friendship. It was a very productive social event to experience 3 promises of SEISA “Understand each other, leave nobody out, and make friends”.