As a part of the activity to realize KYOSEI Society (a society in which people can live together in harmony) through friendship between Bhutan and SEISA, an intensive training camp was held for 10 days from May 15th to 25th. 23 middle-long distance athletes of Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation (BAAF) participated. Athletes, ranging 12 to 22 years of age, came together after school to participate in highly concentrated trainings at athletic track field in Thimphu city, Bhutan. 


Mr. Tanaka, a track and field coach of SEISA Athletic Club, offered the training program based on his superior skill and knowhow through passionate and dedicative coaching method. Beyond the barrier of language and culture, training was filled with smiles.


Participated athletes developed their understandings about new training methods based on science and special training plans tailored to individual needs. They naturally speak the training key words “Natural Walking! Natural Running!”.


Working through competing and helping, athletes and coaches learned and taught forms by mirroring each other. Through friendly competition, a new training environment to improve each other was created. 



In the weekend, a coaching clinic was offered for teachers and sports instructors in Thimphu city. In the morning, lecture was offered in the classroom while field coaching instruction was held in the afternoon. Original 2 days clinic was extended to 3 days due to strong requests from the participants. As popular as the training camp for athletes, more than 20 teachers and coaches participated in the clinic. After the clinic, some teachers stayed to observe how Tanaka coach was teaching. Some of them actually participated in the trainings. 




All the participants wished for Tanaka coach to return. KYOSEI society to become friends beyond language, culture, distance and time was created here.