CHIKEI ~“To Know” and “To Join” ~

The 2nd annual of SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge (SAAB) was held on November 12 and 13rd, 2016. The event was expand to 2 days, and with more participation from Asia and Pacific Countries. Altogether 30 countries including Japan, 13 embassies and other 16 related organizations participated to make this big festival. This year's concept is "CHIKEI", which is a non-dictional word meaning "to know, to join and to be a friend".  SAAB received around 5,800 visitors. As a part of the organization, FGC engaged in planning and operation of the event. At the FGC booth,  we provided our activity introduction.


 Dr. Barua, a former WHO medical officer, and Dr. Irohira, who have a good knowledge about medical issues of developed countries, answers to students’ questions. They talk about real stories from their local experiences.  At the closing event "Chikei Project" of the 1st day of SAAB, we connected SEISA Junior-High School with orphan home in Agrasara, Bangladesh with Skype. Through the big screen, Children of Japan and Bangladesh greeted each other and Exchanged songs of their country. At the end, they sung together a Japanese famous song "Clap a hand when you are happy".


Additionally, speech from Ms. Norio Maruyama, Vice President of Africa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affair, music and dance performance from various countries, students presentation were given on the stage. There were also food corners to experience world cuisine. 2 days were filled with exciting events. Visitors could deeply feel diversity of Africa and Asia.


SAAB will come back for the next year to expand the circle of friendship between Africa and Asia through All over Japan.