Soon after “2016 Kumamoto Earthquake” that stroke on April 14, Foundation for Global Children and SEISA Group has started supporting activities. We have conducted fund-raising activities and already received warm supports from many people.

Firstly we have started sending relief supplies to evacuation places, schools and hospitals.

Then we have also started educational support, using our experience of more than 5 years in supporting the educational environment for the children after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

On May 18, A lecture titled “Caring stress on the children after the earthquake – What the parents and the guardians should do” was held at Shiranui Elementary School in Uki City, Kumamoto by Mr. Masaaki Abe, Principal of SEISA Nagoya Junior High School and a lecturer of SEISA University who have been providing continuous counseling for the children in Soma City, Fukushima. This lecture was organized by PTA and 102 parents / guardian and 30 school teachers / staff attended. Soon after the event, a local news company picked it up as on the article, showing how the educational supports in Kumamoto are needed.



The Children of SEISA Group throughout Japan have also cooperated in these supporting activities. The other day, the students have brought to our office in Oiso Town, Kanagwa, the donation from the students, parents, teachers and staff for the Kumamoto Earthquake.


The donation we received is used for these activities, on the supplies and the cost of sending the lecturers, etc.

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On this occasion we would like to express our appreciation to everyone who have supported us to conduct our activities. We will continue what we can do for the children in Kumamoto. Thank you very much and we would appreciate your continued support.