SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge 2015 was held on Sunday November 15, at SEISA Junior High / High School(Wakabadai, Yokohama).

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17 countries from Africa participated in this event. Also we had many guests, including ambassadors and ministers from embassies of several African countries, university students from various African countries, Mr.Ousmane Sankhon, the Director of African Affairs Bureau from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and so on.

It was a special opportunity for the students of SEISA to have interaction with people from Africa. They were able to understand the slogan of the event "To know, to feel and to think about Africa."

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From FGC, the chairperson Kenji Eguchi attended the opening ceremony as one of the organizers of this event. We also set up a booth and introduced our activities to the visitors.

In spite of the unfavorable weather in the morning, we had nearly 4,000 visitors in the day. We are sure this event has contributed to develop the friendship between Africa and Japan, as well as the friendship among the African countries.


SEISA Africa-Asia Bridge had a sub-theme, “ Live Together & Live Forward”. FGC and SEISA Group will continue the activities for the further understanding and friendship among African / Asian countries towards Tokyo Olympic / Paralympic Games 2020.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have supported us and participated in SEISA Africa・Asia Bridge 2015.