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About the Seisa Group organization layout

A 3 year old and a 24 year old are singing together.

A 12 year old and a 29 year old are cultivating the soil.

An 18 year old and a 34 year old are gazing at the ocean.

We started with just 2 students in a small cram school in 1972.

It was a time when maturity came quickly in Japan. Children were expected to study hard and go to prestigious schools and enter prestigious companies. The educational system was geared towards such education and those children who could not keep up with the system were deserted. We were determined not to give up any of these children and that was the origin of our small cram school.

And now, it has become a place for over 10,000 students and educators to share their time, learn from each other, and grow.

There are school buildings that were built by the students and the teachers. They carried the logs themselves and put them together. Some students and teachers turned a rough field with wild grass and trees into a school ground.
We also consider the vast sky, ocean, mountains, and farms to be important educational places to learn about things that are critical for living.
We grew into an organization with over 50 educational institutions all over Japan.

People who only see the superficial “school,” criticized our schools that they were not real schools. This kind of criticism didn’t bother us at all.
However, we did stand up to the people, society and system that kept excluding some children from the educational system.

At that time we had to negotiate with the government and got cooperation from the locals and guardians. We overcame illogical regulations with ingenuity and great effort. With the help of all those people and organizations that supported us, we created a place that children longed for. This is how our school and educational institutions came into existence and how they are still growing.

Our students, their guardians and supporters believe this place is what a school should be.

We are grateful that so many people have such thoughts.

An 83 year old and a 20 year old are talking to each other as classmates.

A 41 year old is in tears with happiness for a small change that happened to a 14 year old.

A 9 year old is holding hands with a 27 year old for the first time.

What used to be clear may have become ambiguous over time.

It used to be able to be seen by everybody,
It was something we could not forget,
The world became complex, and things to obscure our vision increased,
Children and adults eventually lost their vision.

To extend our hand to the children to recover their vision,

To nurture the heart to want to lift their heads, to look for that they have lost,

That is our job.
If this wish reaches the heart of the students, and they regain their vision,

Even after graduating from this place,

Even in the middle of the city filled with obscurity,

They will be able to find their own paths.

Let us, adults, not lose our vision.

Taken by forms, appearances and finance, it is actually the adults who are losing their vision.

Who are obscuring children’s vision,

Isn’t it us, the adults?

If we walk with the children side by side, and not in front of them,

The children will show us the way.

We live together. We grow together.

To live together is a privilege of human beings.

Growing together makes our heart generous,

Growing together builds trust among each other,

And growing together brings happiness.

To have that spirit, let’s keep cultivating our hearts.

Seisa Group President Miyazawa Yasuo

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