We have new team mates, Kesete Habtesion Berhane (3rd from the left side of the photo) from Eritrea and Goma Pradhan (4th from the left side) from Bhutan.  They join SEISA DOHTO University Track and Athletic Club.

Through training, studying and living daily lives together with Japanese students of the same generation, two young athletes will develop their sports abilities and study Japanese culture and heart. Their activity will lead to broadening the dreams of youth of their countries and developing further friendship with Japan.

SEISA Group and Foundation for Global Children (FGC) has continued various supporting activities for Eritrea and Bhutan including the Agreement on Pre-games Training Camps for Tokyo 2020 Olympic / Paralympic Games in Kanagawa. Through sports, and beyond sports, we will keep on our projects for the future of young generation in Eritrea and Bhutan.

Please support them!